Buy Discounted Gift Cards

Best Sites for Discounted Gift Cards

1. Raise offers discounts of up to 30% on gift cards from more than 1,000 merchants. The offers are presented in a format similar to Gift Card Granny, in which the biggest discounts are the highest offers on the list. Many of the discounts on this site however are the 1% to 5% range. It’s free to sign up for an account with Raise to access discounted gift cards also participate in the Raise Rewards referral program to earn $5 in bonus credits toward discounted gift card purchases.

2. CardCash acquired one of its discount gift card competitors, PlasticJungle, in 2014. The site offers discounted gift cards from many hundreds of merchants, with discounts as high as 35%.

One of the big advantages with this site is that the discounts seem to be consistently higher than what they are on competing sites. For example, they have more discounted cards at rates of 10% higher. That seems to be pretty consistent across the offerings that they provide.

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